Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kristin & Mike!!

Lambert's Cove All The Way! Rehearsal Dinner started the day before the wedding at Lambert's Cove Beach. Funny story here. These guys worked SUPER hard to make Miss Kristin happy ;) Lugging tents, chairs, tables, food, etc to the beach from the parking lot. Now...if you live in MV and have ever been to Lambert's Cove Beach, you know how long the hike is to the water. Hehe! The groom and his boys by his side sweat just hours before the big dinner. Truly hard workers and it all paid off. It had to been the best looking clam bake I've ever seen! Wedding day---again, Lambert's Cove Inn. Great set up is all I can say. Kristin has super chic taste. Exceptional colors! Loved the chair cushions ;) Congrats to you both! It was an awesome wedding. Mike Benjamin Band was amazing as usual ;) Perfect night....Perfect sky...Perfect wedding.

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